Friday, November 23, 2012

My ESS with Lead AGM Batteries

I am now testing my ESS (Energy Storage System) with big (and heavy) lead AGM Yuasa 12V batteries. I have had them for few years now as they were used for my small solar storage setup upstairs
They are exact twins: 65Ah 12V Yuasa AGM NP65-12I (23kg, mostly used in RVs I think) purchased new
Simply wiring them in series, I get a 24V source to power my BESPSS and that is what I did last night:

I am using this 100A breaker in between, breaking the pack in two in case of a problem

Now I have to install the ESS Control Board, on top is fine

and not too far from the Grid Tie Inverters stack

All wired up and ready for testing ...

I close the breaker and start the Control Board: it is simply working fine, and Wattson is already green :-) and negative

and stays right above 0W

I did not test this new set up very long, but will do more testing this week end
I am then charging each battery with a 12V lead acid battery charger, a good one: Mascot from Norway, feeding 2.7A to the battery in bulk mode

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