Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wattson & Wattson Silver

Last Friday, after unboxing and synchronising the Wattson Silver, I took it downstairs to compare its display with the original Wattson:
Well, they display exactly the same figures, exept that the Wattson Silver would not display Net Usage (Usage - Generation), so I had to plug it into my netbook and set it up in Holmes, Wattson's software
After that, it was displaying negative values too, but the backlighting was not green, but yellow, which corresponds to an older version of Wattson - They changed this yellow color to green later on

Same figures, that is normal, they get the readings from the same transmitter

Green & Yellow for generation; Here they are displaying different figures, because they did not get the signal at the same time I guess

Both Blue, for low usage

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