Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vented Capacitor in one of my LiFePO4 ESS Grid Tie Inverters

Last week end, coming downstairs, I smelled something unusual ...
One grid tie inverter was off with no lights at all: no red, no green, usually there is at least a red light (FAULT) when DC side is on, shwoing the DC fuse blew

I then removed it from the stack of GTIs and opened its lid

and sure enough the main DC side capacitor was blowned 

and some liquid was spread on the lid, very smelly :-( 

I ordered 4 4700uF 35V 105°C capacitors on eBay (from UK), will have to change this component, and will have some stock for future breakdowns ...

Here is a great video from a relly interesting guy in the US, FearlessThinker, replacing a blowned capacitor on one of his GTIs; Make sure you check out his Youtube Channel !

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