Monday, October 29, 2012

Vectrix tires changed :-) Bad Vectrix News :-(

My rear tire has been flat for two days with a nice hole in it; I pumped a lot of air in it (4 Bars), using the LEAF 12V electric pump, to hold until I get to the Elecity garage in the East of Paris (zip code 75013), 13 km away from Boulogne

Arrived at Elecity and Motos 13 Repair Shop

I left it there at 11am and had to pick it up around 5pm

That is the boss's Vectrix in red (I like this color)

Mine, still with the old tires

As I asked my wife to follow me in case I had to refill air halfway, I called and she had not left home yet; I said the journey to the shop had been fine and pretty fast, I that I will meet them for lunch later... I then took some time to go visit the Elecity store acrros the street 

They are selling the Vectrix Li and Li+ and I had a little chat with the dealer 

Looks nice in black

Vectrix Li+

Behind the scene, in the back of the store: a Vectrix with a battery problem, waiting to be repaired, if they can identify the problem he told me; He also said it took 4 months to get a charger from the US last time he ordered one !

He showed me some replacement cells, told me they changed LiFePO4 cells on new generation Vectrix with Li packs, but that the problems still remain...

After a lazy afternoon in Bon Marché (well heated BTW in this cold & wet weather), back to Elecity and I could pick up my Vectrix with its brand new tires: Michelin City Grip ! They told me these were way better than the original ones... I talked to the shop owner who actually did the tire change and he said he inflated them at much more than required, and that it is always better for Electric Scooters, reducing the drag (he is right)

He also told me that the new company importing Vectrix in France will probably quit because they are not selling any or very little, and that maintenance was catastrophic because of the delay to get spare parts from the US :-( I was really sad to hear this
He also confirmed that the Vectrix Store (the first dealer in Paris and in France for years) had closed and showed me the scooter shop lift he bouhgt from him as a proof

and back home in the parking

Back in the cage


  1. I think parts come from Poland and not the States.
    That the importer resigns is a good news : the next one will be a good one (let's hope). Euromotor is not professional at all.

    1. I heard from the dealer that there was no Poland factory anymore (??!)
      and that no parts could come from there anymore ? Is this true ?

  2. Very sad news, Vectrix should have a great market in Paris! Parts were always a problem though.


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