Monday, October 15, 2012

Renault ZOE, quite simply revolutionary // Renault ZOE, simplement révolutionnaire

Renault has just released a new commercial of the ZOE for the week end
It is featuring Yuppies (Young Urban Professional), singles & couples (with no kids) friends hanging out on a grass covered sidewalk near a café (probably shot in Paris) & leaving for a day at the countryside, in the forest near a lake ...

"Renault ZOE is the first car to be designed as an all-electric model. A city car ideal for everyday use, it boasts the latest technology. Renault ZOE ships with six world firsts, designed to make it an easy-to-drive connected car with significant range. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, Renault ZOE will be available in three versions (Life, Zen and Intens) at end-2012.

Driving Renault ZOE is a new and enjoyable automotive experience. The wound rotor synchronous electric motor develops 65 kW with maximum torque of 220 Nm delivered instantly. ZOE combines strong acceleration and pick-up from the lowest engine speeds with a range of 210 km over an NEDC cycle."

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