Thursday, October 11, 2012

Renault ZOE almost live from Boulogne - Video & Pics

On my way back from work, I rode my Vectrix an extra 3 kilometers to reach the Renault test track on Ile Seguin where I could take pictures and videos of the ZOE :-)

Make sure you watch this video full screen in 720p HD format to catch the details since I am a bit far from the test track
Also wait until the end: There is a Surprise ...

First one I crossed on the new bridge

from the bridge, the ZE (Zero Emission) test track on the island "Ile Seguin"

Who is this ? ah yes, the camera man 

from my Vectrix

People came out of the presentation building and are now splitting into small groups to test drive ZOE

The black ZOE is backing up

La Seine

The white ZOE that came out of the test track is now parked in front of the EV Center, at the bottom of the new bridge

Test drive is over now, time to head back home for some diner; my wife must be wondering where I am :-)

Wait there is more below ... More pictures from the video

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