Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LifePO4 ESS - Control Board Rebuilding Update

As of last night, this is where I ended with my BESPSS control board rebuild:

Overview of the left side of the board, the right side being the relay activated outlets

- Heavy gauge wire connecting battery pack to Kilovac contactor cut and screwed
- USB connector for Wattson USB connector (providing colors voltages)
- Charger leads input terminals, with positive connected to charger automotive relay, going through the Ampmeter, and to contactor battery positive lead; I am using solid core 2.5mm² wires here to handle the 10A coming from the charger

- A automotive fuseholder and 3A fuse are mounted vertically to save space
- The main swith is screwed to the board (was already done last time I think)
- The Arduino board is not moving
- The programmable dual relay Voltmeter is fitted between the Arduino board and the main switch 

I also ordered a 24V automotive lighter socket USB converter, that will provide 5V to the micro USB used to power the Arduino board (I had problems with the power supply using 12V); After testing it, I will probably open it and only keep the PCB connecting the battery 24V to its input and will plug the USB to micro USB cable in its USB output

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