Friday, October 19, 2012

【日産】 LEAF to HOME インタビュー The SIMPLE and LOCAL ESS


"Nissan LEAF's battery can provide two days' worth of electricity to a typical household*
*Japanese typical household case"

During the day, the LEAF to Home system can charge the car from free solar electricity:
If enough power is generated, the solar arrays can supply the houses needs, charge the LEAF, and why not push power back  into the neighborhood grid
It can also supply power back to the house if necessary, during luch break peak for example

Smart grid investments are loosing momentum because they could be huge

They require massive changes to the existing grid network

Keep it Simple !

"LEAF to Home" is a SIMPLE & LOCAL solution that can take care of two mains problems : 
- Store solar & wind energy 
- Level the consumption peaks using off-peak (late night) or green energy

The CHAdeMO plug is the standard for Nissan / Nichicon PCS, carrying 400V DC directly from and to the battery pack  

Charging from solar power through the LEAF to Home PCS and storing free and clean energy for later use

If necessary, after powering the house during the evening, the LEAF battery can be refilled during the lowest rate electricty period at night, also through the PCS (leveling energy production here too) - Excess supply in green circle

500 LEAF and PCS have been lended to South Ouest Japanese Regions of Osaka, Kyoto, Kitakyushu & Fukuoka and Nissan is monitoring the systems but also people's behaviour changes

Source: NissanNewsRoom

My notes:
This is exactly what I am working on with my LiFePO4 BESPSS (Battery Energy Storage & Power Supply System), storing excess solar energy during the day and using it during the evening

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