Thursday, October 4, 2012

French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg drives Renault ZOE

(if you can not see the video use this link:

Yesterday Arnaud Montebourg, French Industry Minister, came to "Conseil des Ministres" hosted by President Francois Hollande with a Renault ZOE and spent some time advertising about it around him:

- It is the same price as a regular medium size diesel car (Renault Clio for example) starting at 13.700 EUR thanks to the new 7.000 EUR government incentive

- It is made in France 

- It is quiet and powerfull

Arriving ...

Leaving Palais de l'Elysée, he said: "La voiture électrique, l'avenir de la France !" which means: Electric Cars, France's future !

He then asked his chauffeur, Robert, to let him drive himself and could have had a speeding ticket ;-) going way more than the 50 km/h speed limit in town

Probably one of the best commercial for Renault's new main stream EV, ZOE !

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