Friday, October 5, 2012

*-*-* EVCCON 2012 *-*-*

EVCCON 2012, the second edition of the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention, hosted by Jack Rickard in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, ended last sunday

The other TV of Cape, after EVTV :-) 

200 participants showed up with 40 Electric Cars, some from far away ...

Jack's welcome speech

Lithium EVs on parade

Also a lot of components manufacturers were there, here EVnetics

Jack's followers have been able to see where EVTV is shot, the now famous garage of Cape Girardeau

Some racing fun at the airport

Watch out !  EV dragster

EVTV Shop repair : First day : Broken DC Motor !

Auto Cross

Dyno runs

I love this Porsche 914 in this beautiful green !

In the sunshine of Cape, EV Life is good :-)

Caleb Lander Newly converted Super Beetle @ Lander Electric

Brian Holinger's Saab -  AmpRevolt (previous EVCCON prize winner)

See you all next year !

Here are links to sevral blogs relating this great event for the Electric Vehicle Community

Jack Rickard's Blog

Michael Brown's Porsche 914E Electric Conversion Blog

Official Municipal Blog of Cape Girardeau, Mo

Lander Electric with Caled Lander

RedPoint Engineering Blog

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