Thursday, October 11, 2012

Energeno introduces Opti-Range of products for Wattson Energy Monitor

There it is ! Energeno is launching new Wattson compatible products to use your solar energy in house instead of selling it back to the utility company

I had been waiting for these products since they announced this idea back in april 2012

Presented during the Solar Power UK 2012 event, two products which could change your vision of micro-generation and in house consumption:
  • A variable power immersion heater called Optimmersion
  • An intelligent socket called Optiplug

Energeno, a developer and supplier of energy monitoring systems including the Wattson Solar Plus energy monitor, has launched its new Opti-Range of products at Solar Power UK 2012 which is being held this week in Birmingham at the NEC.

Designed for solar PV households, the new range comprises the Optimmersion and the Optiplug. Optimmersion is an intelligent controller which, when added to a solar power installation, automatically diverts free electricity to the immersion heater when the solar PV has produced surplus power. Installed between the immersion tank and the consumer unit, it supplies variable power for hot water depending upon the excess energy being generated. Typical savings are around £55 per year for a gas boiler and £80 for electrically-heated water.

When Wattson glows green - shown here by Richard W - it diverts all the spare electricity to the immersion heater, thanks to the clever proportional controller - held up by Richard S.

Optiplug is a smart socket which collates data on how much energy appliances around the home are using and switches power to them only when enough surplus energy is available to run them.

Both technologies ensure that householders have greater control over their energy use when they are not at home and ensure they are not paying for expensive electricity bought in on the day from their energy provider. This also means that in the majority of cases they are not affecting the revenue they generate from the Feed-in-Tariff.

The two devices, which work through intelligent RF sensors and are linked to clever switches that calculate the excess electricity being generated, are part of a larger suite of home automation products being developed by Energeno to access free energy produced by solar PV panels. Other products in the range will be launched later in the year and during 2013.

The Energeno Team: Emily, Richard, Mark and Chris ...

“Thousands of people who have had solar PV fitted have become armchair experts on when to use the free electricity they are generating.” said Mark Elliott, Director at Energeno.

“However, people also have jobs to go to and cannot always be at home to make the calculations to access the free electricity. This is where smart technology comes to the fore because the devices make the calculations for you whether you are home or away,” he added.

... Jon and Ilias, the Wattson technical experts

Source: Solar Power Portal & Energeno News

More info about Energeno @ Solar Power UK 2012

Energeno Opti-Range


Wattson sensors continuously monitor the electricity being generated and used in the home. This data is then transmitted wirelessly to the clever Opti-Range devices which know the excess electricity available to use so each available Watt is used effectively and your appliances are run for free.

  • Opti-Plug the intelligent socket which switches on your appliances when you have spare electricity.
  • Coming Soon Optimmersion the proportional controller which diverts free electricity to the immersion heater.
  • Upcoming: look out for the Wattson Inside label on intelligent devices which automatically switch on your chosen appliances.

Energeno OptiPlug

  • The Optiplug learns how much electricity is used by the appliance (chargers, aircon etc) it is connected to in the first three minutes of operation.
  • Optiplug uses Wattson sensors to constantly measure the power being generated by Solar PV and also power in use in the home
  • This data is transmitted over RF to the clever Optiplug system If there is enough energy it will switch on – SIMPLE
  • It will switch off if it is using too much electricity
  • The system knows not to keep things switching on and off
  • Optiplug can listen to up to 4 transmitters, just like the Wattson Solar Plus
  • There is a manual overide button should you wish to keep the item on
  • There is a time delay on switching off and switching on, so that multiple optiplugs don’t compete for the same amount of spare energy
  • The Optiplug is not currently programmable to be switched on for a certain time period e.g. 2.5 hours for a washing cycle.
  • Can be used with any device that uses/charges with electricity, that doesn’t require a manual switch on (unlike most washing machines) and doesn’t mind being turned off at random.

Energeno Optimmersion

  • It is installed between the immersion tank element and the mains.
  • Simple to install, no modification to the existing immersion element, hot water cylinder or pipework needed.
  • Optimmersion uses Wattson sensors to constantly measure the power being generated by Solar PV and also power in use in the home.
  • This data is transmitted over RF to the clever Optimmersion system that regularly calculates the excess electricity which varies the power to the heating element.
  • Will power any resistive load up to 3kW.
  • The advanced electronics provides a true variable output.

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