Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wallbox installed in my parking for LEAF & Vectrix

Here is an overview of my "Wallbox" that I installed in my underground parking in december 2011, few days after I got my LEAF delivered
I purchased a second standard Nissan EVSE from eBay and mounted it onto the wall close to the front end of the LEAF 
A 10 meters 16A extension cord is used to connect the electric panel in the back of the parking spot to the front EVSE 

Overview of the "Wallbox" with the LEAF plugged in

Front view

The charge cable with the J1772 plug is rolled around a hook screwed into the wall at hand level to be able to reach it easily
The Vectrix extension cord is just sitting on top of this wall hook

without the Vectrix cable

I use the round / loop shaped head of this hook to hang the J1772 plug with its hook 

The EVSE is secureley mounted on the wall using 4 screws and the extension cord is simply plugged into it

Two 10 meters 16A extension cords connected to the original Nissan EVSE and for the Vectrix

Extension cords running on the ceiling

and plugged into the electric panel sockets 

I had this independant "waterproof" electric panel installed on the back of my parking spot with a 30mA differential circuit breaker, a 20A circuit breaker, and 3 sockets / outlets backk in december 2009 to start charging my Prius pluggin (I had nstalled an Enginer PHEV  kit by then)
Since a dedicated power line had to be created for me, I had ERDF install an individual power meter in the building electric technical room (located in the parking), and an electrician installed a 60 meters line leading to this panel on my parking spot.

I wanted 3 outlets to be able to charge several EVs at the same time and it was a good idea because I am now plugging in the Vectrix and the LEAF
I also added a kill-a-watt equivalent meter for each line: I reset them when I plug in and check them when I unplug to see how much energy (in kWh) has been used for charging :-)

So this is my "Wallbox" ...
I have been charging the LEAF like at night for the last 9 months without any problem, and the Vectrix for  two years now

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