Friday, September 21, 2012

Times are changing ...

Times are changing @ Renault :

Before, you could buy this ...

And soon, in one week, you will be able to buy this


  1. The Renault Zoe will be a game changer - no doubt about it. Cheap to buy (though of course there's a monthly charge) and a long range.

    Unfortunately although you'll be able to order soon, current deliveries are likely to be December in France, and early next year for other countries.


  2. Yes, you are probably right, it should be a hit (whish is good for EV adoption) and the waiting list is going to grow rapidly; We'll see ...

  3. Current estimations are that there are about 4000 reservations for the Zoe - not a bad figure at this stage. Official orders start after the Paris Motor Show - so over the next couple of weeks.

    1. That's a very good start, it should be a hit
      More pics here, taken this week end:


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