Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Second day with LEAF Link iPhone App - New Version 1.1.0

This week end, after updating the LEAF Link iPhone App to the latest version 1.1.0 on the App Store, I went to several places in Paris and checked often the app and its notifications

Status out of the parking

Sending Japanese restaurant address to the LEAF GPS

Testing: Start Charging (I am parked in the street, unplugged), and the return message is "Charging failed, not plugged in", which was expected ...

After lunch, my son and I are heading to Opera to the Apple Store to take a look at the new Iphone 5

and parking at Autolib on Boulevard Hausmann, and plugging in on the third party EV charge spot

New status notification from the app received

Galeries Lafayette ...

The Opera Apple Store (a beautiful building, formerly a 100 years old bank)

and here it is, the new iPhone 5 ! and it is difficult to get to have one in our hands

Check the app: the car is charging ...

Nice, nice ...

Cool in landscape, much more room 

Beautiful aluminum back


and at the accesories downstairs

New York City

New headphones

Amazing flyover...

Still charging ... more range 

More range, end time shortened

And moving to Marais, parking at Mairie de Paris, our usual charge station, after de-ICEing one spot (I had to remind the Diesel BMW owner parking that it was reserved for EVs)

The Cityhall

Charging again

and heading for this great Italian ice cream shop

Milk cream cone, yummy !

And a Vectrix is there charging too

Dashboard range

is identical to LEAF Link app range, 150 km

And on the way back home, an Autolib in traffic jam

Tonight, I will have to take some time and test Mike's new version of the app, including OpenChargeMap charging stations location bug

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