Monday, September 24, 2012

Renault ZOE Overview - Interior, Intrumentation and Charge Port

Few days before the 2012 Paris Motor Show, I went to Renault EV Center to check out what they had at the moment

To my surprise, another Zoe was there, white this time, and with the doors open ... (last time I came everything was locked)

The exterior design is a hit I think, very nice

Zoe Dashboard => it's Green :-)

Front door interior

Dashboard with central screen

Central console touch screen & air conditioning controls

Central console lever (a bit big for Drive / Neutral / Reverse but why not)

Dashboard, right side, with a nice finish touch

Instrumentation close up

R-Link Navigation Touchscreen

Main Menu

A group of visitors who will try out the Twizy later on

Warning lights on

Rear doors lever

The rear seats look really cheap :-(
and not much leg room ...

From the rear seats

Then I asked my son to find the button to open the charge port 

Like the LEAF, it is located at the bottom left of the dash

And there it is, opening at the front, behind the Renault logo, with a illuminated Z.E. in the back

Once the charge port door is opened, there is another cap to remove ...

hiding the Type 2 charge port

Pins close up

And this is a charge station that could be used for AC quick charging

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