Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Public And Workplace Charging Growing Rapidly : 90% Of The Time Its Free

A study of 1,419 California plug-in vehicle owners has unearthed some interesting facts about those drivers access to the public infrastructure charging network. In total, 71% of survey participants reported they did have access to at least a workplace or a public charger.

71% Of Respondent Have Access To Public Or Workplace Charging

The breakdown of available access was as follows:
  • 39% had access to only public charging
  • 12% had access to only workplace charging
  • 20% had access to both public and workplace charging
  • 29% had no access at all

Of note, the study only took inventory for the availability of L2 charging equipment only and did not account for the availability of standard 110v outlets that are sometimes used for charging electric vehicles. A 110v standard outlet can still be more than useful charging an EV, provided you are parked for an extended periof of time, such as at work.

By This Time Next Year The "Not Free" Portion Of Public Chargers Will Be Much Higher

Additionally, the survey noted that 89% of all workplace charging was a free service. More surprising was that free public L2 charging was reported even higher at 90%

Even though this study only recently wrapped up, that 90% access to free public charging is sure to be on the down swing already.

The largest previously ’”free” public network of chargers, provided by Blink, has now gone to a fee/pay-per-hour system. New charging fees range from $1 to $2 per hour. (details here)

Still, having a PEV charging infrastructure widespread enough to already service 70% of plug-in vehicle drivers is fairly impressive.

Also of interest, 91% of all respondents said they also had a L2 charging unit at home.

Source: InsideEVs

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