Monday, September 17, 2012

My first day using the LEAF Link iPhone App

Last saturday was my first day using the new LEAF Link iPhone App
As mentionned earlier my LEAF is parked 2 stories under the street level and the iron / concrete / metalic doors of the garage makes it almost impossible for the LEAF to communicate with Nissan's CARWINGS servers
But when I am out of the parking, everything works fine :-)

Getting out of the parking

I set up the new Feed that the LEAF will be reading to retrieve information sent from the app
Looking for a good italian restaurant in my contacts (displayed on the app map) and sending it to the LEAF

GPS coordonates sent to the LEAF

Now I am trying to retrieve / read / use this GPS information to set up a new destination in the LEAF's GPS, but driving and going through the CARWINGS menu, I could not figure it out :-(
(reading the App help/guide the next day, I think I know how to do this now)

Anyways, since I always go to the same neighboroud in Paris, I don't really need any of this for now
So I arrive at my usual charge station (Rue de Rennes), plug in my LEAF EVSE, lock the padlock on the J1772 connector, and go to my favorite Japanese restaurant ...
The App says "Normal Charging" and gives me an estimated finish time for charging (here from 12:55 to 14:20, that is 1 hour and 25 minutes) 

At the Sushi bar ... connection is bad, and the App tells me about it through an (Apple) push notification (appears on top of the screen for 2 seconds before vanishing)

The same message shows on the App itself too

I am trying to send another contact info to the LEAF, but the still bad connection does not allow it, and the App is warning me again

By a push notification too

Connection is back and the estimated finish time has reduced to 14:00 instead of 14:20 to get to 100% charge and estimated range has gone up 10 km (from 182 km when I plugged in to 192 km now)
The Uni sushi looks delicious :-)

If I missed a top screen push notification, I can go to the notification center and can see it

And the meal continues ...

Now the charge is complete, and it get a new push notification for this
New status: 12 bars (out of 12), plugged in, estimated range of 199 km

After the meal, time for a little walk and shopping ...
And a new Autolib station (Rue du Four @ Rue de Rennes) with a third party charge spot I could use later on with my Vectrix (cool)

A quick check on the LEAF Link App and is still says "Plugged in" now the charge is over

Nice shoes ....

Now the other problem I noticed is the lack of French charge stations on the OpenChargeMap database that the LEAF Link App is using to display them
So I look at the App Store and "there is an app for that" ! so I install it and run it ... and discover that there are a lot of charging stations mentionned around me (??!!)

A little 30 km trip later ...

4 bars lost (that was mostly freeway at 100 km/h)

Beautifull sunshine and green leafs, so I could not resist and took few pics

And a nother failure notification this time showing on the lock screen of the iPhone

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