Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mark Elliott demonstrates the Wattson home energy system

Mark Eliott from Energeno demonstrates the Wattson energy meter

A video demonstration of the Wattson, an award-winning energy management system and, for our money, the top gizmo at Ecobuild

The Wattson is one of the hottest eco gizmos on the market, has won awards for innovation and starred in television shows across the world. In this colourful video demonstration, Mark Eliott shows The Eco Experts the Wattson's features.

Mark Elliott: “One of the great things about Wattson is that you can see how much money you are spending, how much carbon you are using, and also the Watts value.

“Also, the colours at the back go between blue to red, depending on your average usage. So the Wattson learns how much you use in a day and tells you when you’re using more than you normally do.

“And one of the magic features is that when you’re generating more electricity than you’re using, it beautifully glows green. Okay, so you know just to switch on those things that you need to… just change your habits… those things you can… just use it [the electricity you’re producing] while it’s free.”

Source: Extract from the Eco Experts

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