Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS update - 1000W Produced and DC Breaker swap

I had a problem with this 100A DC breaker, that was not handling 100A, but breaking the battery pack after all my Grid Tie Inverters would come on for few minutes producing 1000W all together

So we have 1000W produced and fed by into the Grid, plus some heat wasted for each GTI, let's say 200W (?) more, all this coming from the battery pack energy: 1200W / 24V = 50A
So this breaker was more like a 50A DC breaker in the end ....

The not really 100A DC breaker

A real (I hope) 100A DC breaker from the Enginer Prius PHEV Kit 

New position (on the floor) for this new breaker

A bar of copper is linking the bottom to top cells groups

With this new real 100A DC breaker, the ESS can hold the produced 1000W for long periods of time without any problem :-) 

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