Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS - Arduino & Relay activated outlets - Video

As promised, after the relay outlets wiring post, here the video of my first tests with my LiFePO4 ESS and its Arduino & Relay activated outlets controlling the grid tie inverters

Here is the graph of this tests from the Wattson Pro website
We have 2 test periods: 18:00-19:00 & 20:40-23:00 (and some charging in between)

What we can see is that it is working, I am generating more or less what I am using (this is the goal), but there is a little loss overall

And we can check this on the Generated Energy Breakdown graph here, but it is a small 8% loss

Overall, I generated 1/6 of my energy usage yesterday (during this 2 test periods)

And an overview of my set up

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