Thursday, September 27, 2012

LEAF Link update - Version 1.1.2 Trial - Charge Stations bug fixed

As I wrote in my earlier post, Mike fixed the OpenChargeMap charge stations bug (not showing in France), removing the filter on connector type = J1772 & CHAdeMO

LEAF Link New version 1.1.2

BTW, I found this browsing my iPhone Settings 

Removed the old app version 1.1.0

Downloaded the latest version from his server & sync on iTunes ...

App start up: Login problem :-( (oh no...)

and on the second try I get connected to CARWINGS server :-)

Maps, options, Mike added "Show Compatible Charging Stations" & "Show All Charging Stations"
I choose the first one on purpose (that is like before ina away, a filtered search on J1772 & CHAdeMO)

and I get this message: "Nothing found" and it proposes to choose the other option "Show all" and I choose "Always" because that is what I need to see charge stations here (until they get the connector type...)

and here are the Parisian charge stations showing :-) 
Bravo Mike !

zooming in

Option has been changed here

Merci Mike !  :-)

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