Thursday, September 20, 2012

LEAF Link Charge Stations not showing in France - Problem Solved by Mike

Yesterday, I wrote to Mike about the Open Charge Map stations not showing on his LEAF Link app

This is what happens:

If I check "Show Charge Stations" here ...

Good news from Mike last night: He found that the reason was he filtered by default on J1772 & CHAdeMO charge station type ... and this information is not available here, or nit specified, so nothing is displayed ...

He fixed that on a new app version but unfortunatly I was in the process of updating to iOS 6 last night (and all night actually), so I will maybe install this update tonight ...

By the way, now the OS has been updated on my iPhone, the app works fine with it and uses the New Apple Maps instead of Google Maps:

And displays the Recent Places (red dots) now 

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