Monday, September 3, 2012

LEAF Link approved by Apple App Store

The day after my first post about this LEAF Link iPhone App, saturday morning, I went on the App Store just to look if the App would be there, and it was :-)  So it got approved by Apple pretty quickly in the end

It is free to download and available in every country, not only the US (I suppose)

App Description

Features via screenshots

So I ended up using the Demo mode ...

You can see all your contacts (from the iPhone) on the maps with blue dots, recent places with red ones, and charge points with green ones; Another problem here, no green dots are showing and I read on MNL that LEAF Link is using the OpenChargeMap for the charge stations locations

Other than that the overall looks and feel of the app is great !

BTW, the app website is here LEAFLink.com

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