Thursday, September 13, 2012

LEAF Link App Update - Login OK in France !

Following up my last post, I agreed to become a beta tester for the LEAF Link iPhone App in France, along with another user from Ausralia, as we could not get connected
Mike Heasley sent us a new beta version on tuesday, but it did not work for me, as it did for the Australian guy
Finally, last night, he sent me an updated version (1.0.9 with more servers) and this time I could finally get connected :-)
Mike is going to have to send the update to the Apple Store (I think it has to go through the approval procesa gain at Apple) and it should then be available soon ...

Thanks Mike on behalf of the French LEAF drivers !

Yes ! :-)

As my LEAF is sleeping in an underground parking at level - 2, it can not communicate with Nissan servers through its SIM card though  :-( 
So we will see how it works on saturday as we will go to Paris for lunch

Now, it shows a full battery pack :-) (? !)

The next step is to set up the information Feed in my CARWINGS account and in the LEAF 
And I should then be able to send data to the car (routes, contacts, GPS points,etc)

The App is now on the front page of my iPhone :-)

And what is nice is that this App really communicates with you through push notifications and lets you know what is going on; this is a big +

Update 14/09/2012:

And it should probably be OK for all European countries as Mike writes ! Let's hope so

And confirm on MyNissanLEAF (MNL) forum by Mike himself

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