Thursday, September 27, 2012

ExSolar - Home Solar Power Installation

Martin Lorton shows us his home solar installation and it is very interesting ! A must watch :-)
He explains his choice of solar panels type, grid tie inverter, battery bank, battery charger, energy monitor, and off grid mode switching

On the roof with the solar arrays: his choice: 2000W of monocritallin type panels

His Victron inverters: one the right, a regular grid tie one, and on the left it is a charger/off grid inverter using the battery bank only when the mains is switched off (the orange box is a high DC current switch)

Here, on the left is the power company meter and on the right the battery bank monitor (Victron)

Home electricty panel with a main switch allowing to connect to the grid (power company) or to the battery bank powered inverter (left Victron blue on the second pictures above)

This is the energy monitoring on a computer

The battery charger/off grid inverter system is a Victron Quattro
It has a computer based interface to set up thresholds, timers and behaviours for complete automation


  1. Hi, Mr. Christophe, just being curious, what is the cost of installing your solar power system. Thanks for response.

  2. Hi,

    This is not my solar system, but Martin Lorton's, in South Africa:



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