Friday, September 14, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - September 7, 2012

And another episode of EVTV ...

- John Deere Zero Turn Electric Lawn mower
- Electric Powered ski boat
- Ford Edge motor rebuild

A one Million USD electric car ....  !!??

EV Conversion Shop owner presents its work and thanks Jack for his great weekly show

A beautiful Karmann Ghia converted to electric drive

And a VW Beetle also converted to EV

The return of the John Deere Zero Turn electric Lawn mower: it is finished

The same Lightobject Dual Relay Voltmeter that I am using in my ESS is used here to cut off the charger once the battery pack reaches a certain voltage; This way Jack can use any charger, that is not purposely built and set up for this pack voltage  

The problem is... it is very loud when operating because of the hydrolic pumps and the blade

But it works great

Jack is thinking of converting a gorgeous little speed boat, called Aristocraft, to electric drive


Aristocraft family

His wife's EV Ford Edge is originally a conversion from Norway (who forbid EV conversions after a fire caused by one of them in a ferry boat), sold to Jack few years ago
There seems to be a range problem, and the transmission had to be changed

The controller is a rare pice: One of the firsts Soliton 1 controllers, painted in red

Motor testing with machined cleaned commutator and new brushes

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