Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - September 21, 2012

This week:

- EVCCON 2012 T-Shirt !
CALB CA60FI Cells & matching braided straps in the Store
- Electric Cadillac Escalade range testing
- Phoenix Leaf Testing


EVCCON 2012 T-Shirt ready for the event next week end : "Kickin' Gas, one car at a time ! "

CALB CA60FI Cells arrived in numbers, and the specific length matching braided straps too 

Always clean the cell terminals with light sandpaper to remove oxydation before screwing the M6 bolts

Jack's theory about the Nissan LEAF range test conducted by Tony Williams in Arizona

Jack has something very interesting to say about this problem, and the outcome could be that it is really an instrumentation / BMS (Battery Management System) problem: "LEAF people are talking in terms of Bars and Turtles" (referring to the LEAF battery gage showing 12 bars fully charged and the Turtle sign coming on when the battery is completely depleted) ...

Jack takes the Cadillac EL Escalade for range test drive on the freeway: 12 miles at 50 mph, then at 60, and 70; At one point the motor(s) temperature gage goes up to more than half and he has to stop and check under the hood, but nothing significant and carries on his test 

Happy Cruising Jack is really enjoying his ride and tells us about the benefits of Camel cigarettes :-)

Where is Brian L. Noto .... ? (probably busy preparing EVCCON)

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