Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - September 14, 2012

A lot this week @ EVTV:

- Electric Ford Edge
- Electric John Deere Lawn Mower
- More on electric Aristocraft boat plans
- Brandon Hollinger Electric Austin FX
- Jeff Southern's Electric Thing
- Mark Busch with Electric Bradley GT
- Anne Kloppenberg with Electric Ray Wright Delta Boat

Electric Ford Edge motor and transmission out of the car

and back inside, this time there will not be a battery box on top of it (like it used to be, blocking visibility and access to motor, transmission, etc)

Electric John Deere Lawn Mower project is complete

with the addition of an Vicor DC-DC converter (36V to 12V) used to charge the lead-acid original battery,
used to operates the contactor, the voltmeter and the clutch

Jeff Southern got some CALB CA180FI for his Electric Thing project and is showing us where he wil put them: upfront at a low level...

Here, under the back seats and in the engine bay in the back on both side of the motor and transmission 

Anne Kloppenberg from Amsterdam found a new toy to convert to Electric Drive: a Ray Wright Delta Boat

Brandon Hollinger's 1971 Electric Austin FX (London taxi)

He finally got the specified adpator parts after 5 months the californian machinenist

Transmission rotation test

Adaptor plate mounted onto the motor

Motor and transmission are going back into the London taxi

Mark Busch is switching to Lithium-ion batteries for his Electric Bradley GT

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