Thursday, September 6, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - August 31, 2012

This week:
- Power output testing of CALB CA40FI cells - 12C good to go
- John Deere electric lawnmower
- John Hardy's Honda Civic Conversion
- Royce Wood's BadCat Cougar Electric
- Al Gajda's 39 Dodge Pickup Electric

First time I see Jack dancing in the battery lab :-)
There must be a good reason for this ...

Here is why:
Jack tested the smaller sister of the CALB CA180FI, the CA40FI and the results on the bench are awsome ! See him getting 12C (!!!) out of the cell with not too much voltage drop ! Incredible, this is great news for the EV community, and overtakes the A123 pouch cells (too difficult to deal with for DIY automotive projects) and even the Panasonic batteries used by Tesla ....

This week an old time friend from Cape Girardeau is on the show with Jack

A long update on Royce Wood's BadCat Cougar 

A beautiful paint job has been done, I just love this color

Royce found two electronic gages and fitted them the original dashboard

And back to the John Deere electric lawnmower, almost finished already

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