Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bollore's BlueCar will be available through a Lease Plan at 2012 Paris Motor Show

The Bollore group is quite famous now with its Autolib car sharing program in Paris

I remember pre-ordering the BlueCar 3 years ago after seeing this beautiful Pininfarina designed concept car at Paris Cityhall EV show in september 2009, along with the Heuliez Friendly, but ever since no news really from the company ...

I saw them at the 2010 Paris Motor Show though

Today, I just received this invitation from them to have a private presentationof  the BlueCar at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in 3 weeks

Their commercial offer has been set: it will be a 20 months lease plan, renewable, with a 3 mandatory months initial period

Just called them and I could choose ant slot I wanted, even the the busiest first saturday (29th sept) at 4pm for a personal presentation of the car and requested a free invitation for the Auto Show ;-) ...

Let's hope that this version of the BlueCar will be more confortable than the Autolib version ...

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