Monday, September 10, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS Update - Arduino & Relay activated outlets wiring

I have been busy this sunday, wiring the relay activated outlets for my LiFePO4 ESS 

In Power Supply (PS) mode, the Arduino board will read the Wattson color coding and switch relays on and off, powering Grid Tie Inverters or turning them off, following the house power usage

Starting at the same time as EVTV latest episode was released :-)

I used 1.5 mm2 solid core cupper wires

Relay close-up

(Italian) Lunch break :-)

Back to work ... This is where the connection between the relay and the outlet will be located

Ground/earth wire

It gets a bit complicated from there ...

And after a lot of plastic cutting and trials

Almost finished and testing along with the Arduino board connected to 3 relays at first ... 
The light is on, it works (this right outlet, next to the main switch, is not relay activated)

I shot a little video of this first test but it is was too dark... I will try make another video with day light tonight

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