Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wattson WiFi & Wattson Professional trial

Great ! I asked Mark Eliott from Energeno (formerly Diy Kyoto) if I could test their new version of Wattson (the Energy Monitor).
He replied that they were working on a WiFi version of it and few weeks after I received a package from the UK :-)

In fact the first step is to test this little device (Australian device called ISU, from SAM) that gathers the RF transmissions from the original Wattson transmittor and sends them directly to a data center for live online access of the readings.
A red LED is flashing on the right side of this device every time the transmittor sends a reading and at the same time as Wattson updates its display
Later on this functionality will be integrated into Wattson PCB directly I guess

They opened a account for me on their Wattson Professional website, and my readings data is displayed there in live graphs  :-)
I can see my usage, generation (from  my ESS for now, later on from my Solar System too), and the net reading (= usage - generation)

Here are more detailed views of the Wattson Professional web interface showing my first two days of trial:

The page view of the portal is an overview of 5 independant views:
- Daily usage & generation
- Daily Revenue/bill
- Weather forecast
- Used Energy Breakdown
- Generated Energy Breakdown

NB :More pages/views also exist and I will talk about them later on ...

Here is my overview of my first full day: August 28th

If I zoom on the 1st graph, I get a much more detailed view:
In red is the Usage, mostly covered by the green, the Grid Generation, most of the time in my case
When I turn on my ESS, then we see a blue line showing the Solar(or Wind, etc) Generation; at that time the Grid Generation is lowered by the same amount and the green line dicreases : I buy less power from the utility company (EDF)

Now in the lower part of the portal, we have the:

- Used Energy Breakdown: it is showing the part of enegry imported from the Grid and the part that was generated in house by the solar or wind system (in my case it is from my LiFePO4 ESS for now, my solar system coming in few weeks)

- and the Generated Energy Breakdown: this one shows how much energy from Generation (Solar, Wind, etc) went into feeding your own usage (Used in House) or back into the utility grid (Exported)

Here, same thing for next day, August 29th:

Let's analyse this day in details (I was not home):
- The big usage at night is the water heater (2,000W) finishing its lower rate (22:24 to 06:24) heating at night
- After that the only thing showing is the fridge coming on and off in cycles (waves)
- Around 9 we see the breakfasst activity: toaster, Nespresso coffee machine, lights
- Around noon, lunch activity: stove, micro-wave oven
- After that, the two spikes must be the washing machine (laundry)
- Then around 15, back to fridge only cycles
- Until I came back home around 19:30 and started my ESS: we start to see some Generation (blue line) until 22:10
- After that, at 22:24 the water heater come back on automatically, and the additionnal spikes are the dishwasher running at night too (it is quiet)

Thanks to Mark and all the team @ Energeno !

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