Monday, August 27, 2012

Waterskiing the New Electric Speedboat

Anne Kloppenborg from Amsterdam is waterskiing behind his New Electric SpeedBoat !

Looks like a lot of fun :-)

Notes from the New Electric Team:

 This boat is a 1974 Glastron Bayflite. It used to have a 130HP Volvo Engine.

We converted the boat to Electric Drive. All the EV components, including the batteries,
weigh approx 465 kg. (~1000lb) making us only 70 kg. heavier, while putting out 1.5 times the HP and TWICE the torque of the original.

With the current setup we can go 20 minutes @55kph. 45 minutes @35kph, or cruise around the canals of Amsterdam for days @7kph. We recharge overnight, so we installed a 1 fase charger that does a full charge in 5 hours. With a 3 fase charger this would be less than 2 hours.

Want more range?
Buy more batteries.

Want quicker charging?
Up your mains connection and get a bigger charger.

Or, better yet:
Install a solar-panel-fed motherbank of batteries in your home
and charge from battery to battery in 20 minutes.

Our New Electric future is here, Plug into the sun!

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