Monday, August 27, 2012

Vectrix or T-Max ?

I often hear people say that 8,000 EUR for the Vectrix is a very high price ! I am not that sure this is a good point because I see a lot of T-Max around and their price is even higher than this ....

I wanted to write a post about the Vectrix VX1 and the Yamaha T-Max few months ago, as my boss owns one, and we often discuss about our bikes ...
Here are pictures taken in the undergound parking at work as I was parked next to his for once  

This morning as I was parking at work, another T-Max owner came to ask me questions: "Is it electric ? How much time to charge ? Range ?" : all the questions I get all the time

But what surprised me is that, later on, as we were in line for an orange juice and chocolate croissant, we talked a lot more and he was really taken by this all electric change -he was willing to convert to electric scooter !- told me that the price of the T-Max was more than the Vectrix (8,000 EUR here for the NiMH version & 10,000 EUR for the Li-ion one) -I already knew that and that is a point of comparison between the two machines- and that all his gas expenses are becoming crazy (1,5 to 1,70 EUR / liter here !)

We can compare the Vectrix with the T-Max because they are both very powerfull maxi scooters, high-end machines made with quality in mind and using top components, also in the same price range. 
The thing is, once you paid your Vectrix, you do not have to spend anything else than electricity which is 10 times cheaper than gas; You do not have to go to a gas station anymore, to the a garage to have your oil & filter changed, etc; So in the end the Vectrix is a lot cheaper than the T-Max

But for me, the most important is that I do not rely on oil anymore, and I do no pollute, to me this is number one, and number two, I get a lot of pleasure riding this Vectrix, and I am always looking forward to use it ... it has been two years like this :-)


  1. There are many TMax.
    And people say Vectrix are expensive.

    And once you've bought a TMax, you have to take the driving license, plus buy an upgraded exhaust like many ... and buy petrol :

    TMax + driving license + Akaprovic exhaust + 1 year of petrol + first service = 15000€ !!
    Vectrix + 0 + 0 + 10€ + 0 = 7810 ...

  2. Until you get to 40.000 kilometres and have to replace the battery for 5000 Euro!
    Most NiMH bikes have to replace even before that.

  3. If my battery dies at 40 000 , I will have saved 5000 € on petrol and service.
    This is fine.
    Petrol is 1,77 € for the liter in my street, by the way.

  4. I just bought a new Vectrix Li+.... and it's Magic! What a machine. Good luck with your ride. Andre, Portugal. PS-Do you know where can I buy a Tucano Urbano Vectrix leg cover? Many thanks

  5. Hi, congratulations on your purchase :-)
    Well for the Tucano Urbano leg cover you should simply order it form the Vectrix dealer in your country where you must have purchased your Vectrix Li+
    It is specifically made to fit the Vectrix perfectly and shows "Electric" on both sides (but does not avoid everyday questions), and also the handles cover are great for winter

  6. Just crossed an old colleague of mine with his T-Max this morning on my way to work; We talked about the Vectrix which he had not seen yet (I previously told him about it)and I could show him on the road real acceleration and handeling because we did few kilometers together.
    He was happily surprised by acceleration, the way it looks, etc, and told me it was really fine for city ...


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