Friday, August 24, 2012

Nobuhiro Tajima fails this year at Pikes Peak

Finishing my Pikes Peak Hill Climb series, Nobuhiro Tajima was very confidend and did great practice runs

But, after a few turns, white smoke started to come out of the car and the driver had to resign and stop the race

No need to say that he must have been very very disappointed, being last year's winner

What went wrong ??!

The team quickly packed up and left the race; they will of course have to find the cause of such a problem

Jack Rickard from EVTV, thinks it could come from the permanent magnet motors used in the car: The extra strong magnets used in these are made of Neodymium and are loosing their power with heat, and it is possible that after several fine practice runs, they lost their magnet power ...

I am sure they will solve this problem and will be back next year !

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  1. Sir, I believe you wrong. I put that fire out.


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