Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mitsubishi was 2nd at Pikes Peak

Following with the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event, Mitsubishi arrived 2nd in the Electric Vehicle category with its i-MiEV Evolution, a race car based on i-MiEVcomponents but with a radically different chassis (a bit like the Nismo NISMO RC based on LEAF components)

Famous Japanese race car driver Hiroshi Masuoka was behind the wheel and did a very good race, after a scary accident during practice

After rebuilding the the car for the race and skipping the other days of training, the talented driver did very well with the car !


Also in the race, Beccy Gordon was driving a stock i-MiEV (with a mandatory roller cage added) and finished 126th

With a big smile on her face :-)

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