Friday, August 31, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - August 24, 2012

This week's program:
- Return of the eCobra - in new paint and livery but in need of a DC-DC Converter
- Cadillac Escalade EXT heating, air conditioning, and a bit of instrumentation
- Also Jack explains very well how heat pump / air conditioning works

The eCobra returns ... to the shop for some DC-DC Converter blow up problems ...

Beautiful paint job and hard-top version

And back to the Escalade

Jack shows us his home made electric heating system

and 2 250W engine block heaters will keep the battery pack temp above freezing in winter

A WiFi router plugged into one of the Soliton 1controllers will broadcast data into the cabin ...

and Jack will be able to use the EV Speedo app as a dashboard instrumention display using a Android tablet

The graphical version appears to be slow (bug or WiFi problem ?), so instead here is also some bar graphs showing real time usefull information this time: Temperature, Amps, Volts, RPM from the controller

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