Monday, August 20, 2012

Charged 2012 Silicon Valley is coming this week

Charged 2012 Silicon Valley is coming this week. Here's the preliminary agenda:

Charged: EV Symposium is a two-day conference that will take place on Thursday, August 23 – Friday, August 24, 2012 taking place at SAP Labs in Palo Alto

1. Study Abroad: World Lessons Learned
2. Workplace Charging: Filling a Critical Infrastructure Gap
3. Smart EV Parking & Charging
4. Electric Vehicles in Fleets
5. Evolving Charging
6. Connected Cars
7. Killer In-Car Apps
8. Emerging Business Models for Transportation & Mobility
9. Energy for EVs (incl. smart grid, renewable, storage, pricing)
10. Garage Orphans & Multiple Unit Dwellings
(leased commercial space covered in panel #2 or #10)

Keynote/Plenary Sessions

o The automakers are embracing EVs. Hear directly about the market and their strategy for reaching a broad audience. Timeslot: TBD

o The data: now that we have real experiences to cite, where are EVs going & what does it really cost? (potential speakers on data from ARRA-funded projects & EPRI cost study) Timeslot: TBD

o U.S. Landscape: Connecting the Dots. Regional, state and federal actors are all in the game, but don't always connect. Find out what's going on at all levels and cross-pollinate ideas. Timeslot: TBD

o State Policies & Incentives (tentative plenary session with Mayor Reed, State legislators, CPUC, ARB &/or Governor's Office). Includes implementation of Governor Brown's EV Executive Order & financial/other (ie. HOV lane) incentives at the State, Regional and Local levels. Timeslot: Opening Keynote OR 8/24 AM Plenary

o Ray Lane, Kleiner Perkins, in conversation with Carl Guardino. The EV industry must move "from early adopter to fast follower." What will it take to accomplish this transition and bring the market to scale? Timeslot: Capstone Address (8/24, lunch)

Networking Reception
Ride-and-Drive/Display Opportunities
EV Readiness Awards (Community, Business, Development)

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