Monday, August 27, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS update - Charger XLR connectors heating up and melting

My ESS battery pack charge leads are connected to the new 10A LiFePO4 charger using XLR type connectors

They were heating up a bit with this new charger because - I thought - twice more amps were going through them...
But friday night, as I touched them, they were boiling hot and I immediatly stopped the charging process !

Disconnecting them I saw that the female side was starting to to melt :-( and it is a good thing I checked after a small hour of charge otherwise something bad could have happened

The cause is this cheap charger side male XLR connector, its pins are too small, not thigh enough, they don't stick out enough and as a result contact is really bad

Look at the bottom pin, the plastic was starting to melt because of the bad contact

This is the connector of the previous charger, the 48V one, much better quality XLR connector
When I connect this one, it is hard because the connections are tight (and contact is good) 

As I decided to unweld the leads and connect them directly (no plug/unplug connector), the plastic of this cheap connetor started to melt and the pins were moving during the process...

Now they simply and safely connected and there is no more heat at that junction

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