Monday, August 20, 2012

Autolib concept will be exported to another European City

Vincent Bolloré, head of the Bolloré Group, announced that his Electric Car Sharing Program called Autolib should soon be exported to another European city.

According to him the contract could be signed in november of this year and the service could start as soon as march 2013.

Ever since the launch of Autolib in december 2011, Vincent Bolloré received the visit of a big city every week, showing their interest in this clean car sharing program.

As of today, Autolib in Paris and its surrounding cities has sold 27,000 rental plans, 9,000 of them being yearly plans, 320,000 rentals from the beginning. Right now, 1,750 cars are being used in Paris and Ile-de-France, and 650 (charging) stations are live.   

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