Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wattson Energy Meter - Why it is a Great Meter

You have seen me use a Wattson Energy Meter in many of my videos and pictures, especially with my LiFePO4 Battery Bank Project, but I never explained in details how it works and why I chose this meter.

Here is a serie of videos explaining how Wattson works and why I think it is the best choice of meter for showing people how much power they use on a daily basis, and start acting based on this information (most people save an average of 25% of energy after installing it)

To me it is an object of Design, displays Clearly the energy usage with big red figures and/or with colors (if you do not want to see accurate readings), it is easy to install, to use, can travel inside and outside the house, and more ... in the future

Video from the maker DIYKYOTO (now ENERGENO) website

An Australian video from Dave Green Electrical showing Generated Power and Usage (very interesting)

A short & cute video with a baby playing with Wattson

Holmes is the software that allows you to download Wattson 28 days of data to your Mac or PC and actually see graphs of usage and generation with different scales of energy, power, price, and CO2 and over different periods (hours, 24h, day, month)

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