Monday, July 16, 2012

Uni-Solar PVL on a house metal roof in California

Waidy, a member of the SFBay LEAFs Club, has a house with tons of Uni-Solar PVLs on its metal roof, part of a 25kW solar generation !!

- 24 Uni-solar 136W thin film, total of 3.64 kW with yearly production of 4.719 kWh
- 27 Uni-solar 31W thin film, total of 837W with yearly production of 1.210 kWh

Great job !

Just peel and stick, there is a thin layer of very sticky tar under each roll

And on top, some more regular panels ! sitting flat

Last week end the SFBay LEAFs Group met at Waidy's and a Japanase TV was interviewing members And that's when I first saw this great Uni-Solar PVL project

And what Waidy says about it conforts me in my Uni-Solar project on our building roof in Paris

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