Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Electric - Sunset Testing the Electric Speedboat

Another great video from Amsterdam with Anne Kloppenborg from New Electric and their 74 Glastron Bayflite speedboat conversion with a smartphone Android app (Android EV Speedo) showing real time Amps draw, Voltage, Controller temp, RPM, speed, GPS location, ... Very cool stuff ;-)

Android EV Speedo App:

Just discovered this video from them Amsterdam Sustainable Tradeshow last year, showing their conversion work and this great Android smarphone app

Amsterdam Sustainable Tradeshow: New Electric boat conversion

The app ! It looks simple: A router is plugged into the Soliton 1 controller ethernet port and the Android EV Speedo app is receiving data from this router, is displaying them in nice visual instrumentation like gauges => Awesome !

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