Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Tesla Model S Performance Test Drives

Right after the first 10 Model S deliveries to customers Tesla also opened its doors to potential customers for Model S test drives at their Fremont factory site

"This was a test drive of the Dolphin Grey Performance Model S at the Fremont California Factory Event which took place on June 23, 2012. This car is truly amazing! The acceleration is incredible, but the handling is as smooth as silk. To drive this car is to love it! Please pardon the stupid remarks of the driver, and enjoy the show!"

Some lucky ones even had the chance to use Elon Musk's Model S this day

"Test drive of the Tesla Model S near the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA. The car is Founders' VIN002 belonging to Elon Musk."


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  2. Nice! But the first driver needs to learn how to accelerate through turns. Apparently never drove a motorbike!
    The second one did it right; I think he said he'd driven 'cross, so he wanted to get a real feel for the dynamics.


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