Friday, July 6, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS update - 4 More Grid Tie Inverters arrived from CA

Yesterday I received 4 more 250W SUN POWER Grid Tie Inverters ordered in California two weeks ago

Few days delayed because of the pause at the custom's to pay VAT :-(

Unboxing ...

Each box contains a US AC cable & user manual

Nice, clean & small GTIs, I like them

Before I forget, I toggle the AC input switch to 230V (!!)

That's what it looks like piling up all the GTIs with the others (I will need to secure this because rather unstable like this)

From bottom to top, we should have now (real mesaured AC output): 65W + 220W + 250W + 220W + 220W + 220W + 220W = 1,415W
Meaning we should have 1415W / 24V = 58A going through the battery pack and the contactor

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