Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - July 20, 2012

Brian is back from California where he saw a lot of EVs

Program of this week:
- Speedster Duh, the best conversion we ever did and my favorite car - SOLD.
- Elcon charger control
- An ARDUINO CANbus device
- Ampblock tachometer and fuel gage driver

Brian is back from California with a good bottle of red wine to share with his friend :-)

Jack goes through the details of his Speedster Duh, his favorite conversion, originaly from Beck Speedster

Front battery pack

Dash instrumentation

Rear battery boxes, AC50 Motor and liquid cooled controller

Jack sold it to a group of Japanese who want to order some more from them :-)

Talking about Nissan LEAF & Tesla Roadster battery problems (just a few) and how the manufacturers address those (or not)

MACCHINA : A new Arduino based CANbus communication device from RechargeCar
A touch screen could be easily attached to it and would display Battery Voltage, Battery Ah, Charger Voltage, Charge Current, etc

This board will be a hit in EV conversions and more ...
Another usefull new device to measure current: AutoBlock AMP also from RechargeCar

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