Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buddy Fabrikken - Elbil Norge - Norway

I never took time to tell you more about this cute little Electric Car that has been around for 20 years now !
Elbil Norge, in Norway, started this as the Kewet in 1992, some were exported to the US at one point, the name has changed to Buddy, and they are now in their 8th generation with the MetroBuddy.
I created some short videos about it few years ago when I was very into it and saw one at the Paris Auto Show in sept 2010, as I discovered it could be imported to France
It's a cute little 3-seater, very compact, very light, and built in Norway, so it is strong, deals with extreme temperature and operating conditions (snow, ice); I like its simplicity and its look :-)

It looks like the company has changed their website several times :

My Buddy videos

Buddy Fabrikken: A great detailed video about the manufacturing process

Buddy Fabrikken:  Pics

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