Monday, July 23, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS update - Building Relay activated outlets board

I brought this home from the hardware store on friday: I figured I should build my own relay activated outlets for my needs and this is what I worked on this week end

Outlets (cheap at 1 EUR/piece and small), small 2mm screws for the relays and 3mm screws for the outlets

Japanese fishcake board used for prototyping as usual :-)

The sketch / program on the Arduino has been modified a lot to fine tune the voltage thresholds ... I am satisfied with it now

A bit messy / I found this extension cord left over that will be perfect for this build 

Finally found a piece of wood that is the right size and shape in the basement and mounted the relays & the outlets on it

I even mounted the Arduino board, left some room for more outlets on the right (in case) and on the left will be placing all the system's other components: Inverter/0/charger switch, Automotive charger relay, charger Ampmeter, pack Voltmeter, DC-DC converter, and the USB Wattson outlet 

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