Thursday, July 19, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS update - Arduino & Relays - Test #2

The sketch / program I wrote to interface Wattson with Arduino seems to work OK
It needs a little tuning here and there but I am happy with this 2nd test :-)

On the netbook screen (right window) you can see the Serial port information sent by the Arduino board:
Green / Blue / Red voltages read every 500ms
Depending on these values the program puts the output pins to High or Low, which energizes or not the high voltage relays, which in turn switch ON or OFF the Grid Tie Inverters
And it is trying to keep Wattson in the Blue or Green modes, meaning Low usage, or Negative usage (but not too much waste)
If seems to work OK, but I will have to spend some more time tuning it 

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