Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LiFePO4 ESS update - Arduino & Relays first tests

I finally got all the items to make this Arduino Leonardo board work and installed the drivers onto a Windows 7 netbook I happened to keep just for that (I knew I would need a PC to interface with my ESS project a one point)

My first test with the Arduino Leonardo board was the famous Blink sketch: a LED is switched ON & OFF for few seconds

After that, I just wired the relay board in (just in parallel with the LED already blinking with some 5V power supply from the board)

It simply works: closing & opening the high voltage relay :-)

After a lot of testing and debugging part of the night with Wattson plugged in, it is starting to work like I want it to ...

Close-up: all black and red wires to the relays are for 5V power supply, and yellow ones are for command and they are plugged into digital outputs of the Arduino

To be continued tonight :-)


  1. Hey, I'm also trying to switch a 5vdcrelay controlling 240-250vac circuit from an arduino leonardo but the relays won't switch. Note that I have tried testing the relays separately by powering directly from a5vdc source and they switch but the signal from the arduino doesn't work. What could be the problem?

    1. Hi, you have to make sure the pin you are using is declared as OUTPUT, and then switch it ON using the DIGITAL WRITE command


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